Exhaust Unit and Exhaust Fan in Pakistan

Heavy Duty Blower German motor Heat Proof, universal bearings, steel shaft, Air Throw 1500-39,000 CFM.

Cool Mate Engineering is one of the leading Exhaust Unit and Exhaust Fan in Pakistan of DIDW forward Curved Fans under the Brand Name Cool Mate Engineering.

Features of FAFC Series:


FAFC 250 to FAFC 1000


Capacity ranges from 1500 CFM to 39000 CFM Pressure

Static Pressure Ranges up to 60 mm mg


The casing is constructed in GPSP Sheets to increase the life against rusting. Sides of fans are Pittsburg locked with Pittsburg lock farmers. Scroll of the casing is ribbed for extra strength


Impellers have forward curved blades which are manufactured with extensive precision to enhance the performance in terms of efficiency & noise levels. Impellers are dynamically balanced as per standards.

Supporting Frames:

To provide the rigidity & stability to fan side frames are manufactured from GI -Sheets and Angle Section with welding. The surface is finished with either of enamel paint, epoxy paint or powder coating.


Shafts are manufactured from EN-8 carbon steel. Which are machined & ground to allowable tolerances? Keyways are cut as per standards.


Bearing used in Cool Mate Engineering are a deep groove or spherical roller type of international standard which have eccentric locking collars. These bearing are self-aligned and pre-lubricated and are maintenance free.

Inlet Cones:

Inlet cones are an integral part of a casing made up of GPSP Sheet.

Exhaust Unit Accessories